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Inherited Diseases in Dogs

How to use this site

How to use this site
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This site contains a guide to diseases/conditions of pure bred dogs which are likely to be transmitted wholly or partly through a genetic mechanism. There are links to PUBMED and other abstracting services, to open disease registries, and to OMIM (still under development). Where DNA testing is available for a given disease, the testing agencies (UK and USA) are listed. Details of criteria for inclusion are available here. The entries in the database are in two parts: when a search is performed it returns concise descriptions of diseases - fuller descriptions with references and links to PubMed, OMIM and where appropriate other databases are available by following links to further information.

The Inherited Diseases in Dogs Database is compiled by David Sargan. Publications referring to this site should cite Sargan, D.R. IDID: inherited diseases in dogs: web-based information for canine inherited disease genetics. Mamm Genome. 2004 Jun;15(6):503-6.